Peter Battelino

BTE Corporation
P. O. Box 684
Huntington, NY 11743


To assist clients with services ranging from software development to overall system design, and implementation.



1998 - Present    BTE Corporation, Huntington, NY

  • Technical Activities
    • Design, development and maintenance of real time SmartMasterTM control system software performing functions used by electric water and gas utility companies
    • Development and maintenance of firmware and configuration tools for Telescada NeXGenTM product line of data acquisition and control instruments for utility industry
    • Design, development and maintenance of real time NTMCTM control system software performing performing functions used by electric water and gas utility companies
    •  Studying new technologies, incorporating them into above product lines.
    • System installation services  such as system integration, database development, customer training
    • Organizing customer technology seminars, support, and consulting services
  • Business Management Activities
    • Founded BTE Corporation, helped building our sales representative force
    • Giving technical presentations to prospective new customers
    • Seeking new technology partners
    • Maintaining existing customer relationships

1992 - 1998     General Scanning (now GSI Group), Wilmington, MA

  • Senior software engineer
  • Designed and developed Windows NT based real time laser control system software used by aerospace companies such as Boeing, and Airbus, to automate aircraft and rocket composite material lay-up procedures, including:
    • CAD file management
    • System calibration management
    • Generation / computation of display lists (command sequences for real time laser beam control and positioning) from CAD data
    • Laser projection management
    • User interface development
  • Developed real time embedded software components used by above systems to manage laser projectors, including:
    • Loading of computed projection data (display lists)
    • Overall system calibration
    • Real time (time quantum 50 microseconds) laser and galvanometer control during projection of display lists
  • Performed installations and customer support

1987 - 1992    Telescada (now ACS / Telescada), Pembroke, MA

  • Software Engineer
  • Designed, developed and maintained real time, DOS based control system software for electric utility SCADA, load management, AMR, demand recording, and capacitor control functions
  • Assisted with installations and customer support



1987 - Ph.D., Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

1982 - M.Sc., Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

  • Awarded Ralph D. Myers Teaching Award two years in a row

1981 - B.Sc., Physics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Awarded Jack Kueffel memorial scholarship three years in a row


Professional Societies



  • Programming of real-time, embedded, network aware, and internet aware applications
  • Programming of database management systems, user interfaces,  communications protocols, parsers, clients, and servers
  • Programming of numerical analysis code (mathematical calculations on large, vector number crunching machines)
  • Configuration of TCP/IP networks, IIS
  • Programming languages: C#, C++, C, Assembler, Basic, Fortran, IDL, SQL, T-SQL, XML, XAML
  • Technologies: Microsoft 2019 SQL Server, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Web Services, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, COM / DCOM, MFC
  • Software development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Dynamic C, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Software revision control: Microsoft SourceSafe and PVCS
  • Operating systems: Windows, UNIX, VMS, DOS, Rabbit
  • Office programs, web page / graphics design programs, financial management programs
  • Usage of electronics lab tools such as multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers


Related Knowledge

  • Physics, mathematics, numerical analysis, and computer science
  • System engineering (design, development, implementation, and testing)


Other Interests

  • Foreign languages: Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian
  • History, economics, business, international relations
  • Music, books, movies, theater, art galleries, travel
  • Skiing, gardening, long walks, swimming, tennis



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  • SmartMaster is a SCADA platform which runs on a private server or in the cloud.
  • It provides services like communications, event logging, data viewing and analysis.
  • SmartMaster is based on Microsoft's SQL 2019 Server which provides industrial strength database services.
  • SmartMaster also uses SQL server modern security services, electronic notification dispatching, and reports.
  • SCADA component provides one-line diagrams and T-SQL compiler so operators can write their own programs.
  • Load Management component provides demand response, load state reinserting, and load rotation algorithms.
  • Capacitor Control component adds capacitor bank management based on any external parameter.
  • Capacitor Control component also provides safety control timers for capacitor bank protection.
  • NeXGen is our partner company Telescada's product line of RTUs and switches used by utilities.
  • BTE has co-developed NeXGen firmware, and associated software tools that go with the products.
  • Together with Telescada we offer a wide range of solutions for the electric, gas, and water utilities.
SCADA, Load Management, Capacitor Control, AMR
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