Installation and Training

Activities that transpire during system installation, on customer site.

System Placement - Physical

The server is first placed in it's physical location and powered up.

System Placement - Network

The server is plugged into local area network, and the internet. We work with local IT personnel on network security arrangements.

System Integration

SmartMaster database entries for communications channels with monitoring / control devices are defined. SmartMaster database entries for  monitoring / control devices are defined, these devices include power generator IEDs, substation IEDs, RTUs, capacitor bank switches, load control switches, electric meters, gas meters, water pumps, etc. Connectivity tests are performed.

System I/O

A few I/O point (data readings, control) database entries are created. Values are inspected for integrity. Control functionality is tested.

Customer Training

Throughout above activities customers are trained in how to administer the new system. Usually there is one formal training hour in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The rest of the day is informal discussions, q/a sessions, and work on system integration. Depending on system size this process may last from two to four days.



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  • SmartMaster platform is the basis for most of our software products.
  • It provides basic services like communications, event logging, data viewing and analysis.
  • SmartMaster is based on Microsoft's SQL 2016 Server which provides industrial strength database services.
  • SmartMaster also uses SQL server modern security services, electronic notification dispatching, and reports.
  • SCADA component provides one-line diagrams, and T-SQL compiler so operators can write their own programs.
  • Load Management component provides demand response, load state reinserting, and load rotation algorithms.
  • Capacitor Control component adds capacitor bank management based on any external parameter.
  • Capacitor Control component also provides safety control timers for capacitor bank protection.
  • NTMC is our legacy master controller which was developed and supported from 1995 to 2009.
  • While NTMC technical support is still in effect, the product is no longer being developed and expanded.
  • Most NTMC customers have upgraded to SmartMaster.
  • NeXGen is our partner company Telescada's product line of RTUs and switches used by utilities.
  • BTE has co-developed NeXGen and NGC, the NeXGen Configuration programming utility.
  • Together with Telescada we offer a wide range of solutions for the electric, gas, and water utilities.
SCADA, Load Management, Capacitor Control, AMR
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